Telematics & Mobility ASEAN Summit 2020
Nov 23-24 Pullman Grande Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Transport Telematics Summit 2019


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Telematics & Mobility ASEAN Summit 2020
Nov 23-24,Bangkok, Thailand
  Day One Morning ,  Nov 23 Monday
8:00--9:00 Registration
9:00--9:10 Committee's Opening Speech
9:10--9:20 Chairman's Speech
9:30--10:00 Keynote : the local government's outlook on Transport industry--Intelligent Transport System (ITS) in Thailand--the real picture
  STREAM 1 : Smart Mobility STREAM 2 : Commercial Vehicle Fleet Management
10:00--10:30 Connected Mobility Services in ASEAN, what's the challenge ahead ?
*What's the impact the new technology would bring to auto industry
*Standards for Automated & Connected transport
*What 's the right ways for the international companies to implement their Asia strategy

---Senior Officer, Digital Economy Promotion Agency
Insight into fleet sales and the fleet organization  of car manufacturers--OEM's plan
* Smarter trucks, smarter trailers through telematics
* How the telematics help oil tanker logistics ,  fleet operator
saving the operation cost and improve the efficiency.
* Fleet manager's integration understating  of CV and smart fleet management

---Senior Officer, Volvo Trucks in Southeast Asia and Japan
10:30--11:00 Intelligent Transport System (ITS) in Thailand
*Long-term National Transport Development Strategic Plans
*ITS Development Goal/Challenges
*Utilizing Smart Transport Technologies

---Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP)
Ministry of Transport
Fleet/Mobility Manager's evolving role and responsibilities at the digitalization era
* Higher Fuel theft, vehicle stolen in Thailand, how to keep your mobility asset
* The fuel tanker, Hazardous Chemical transportation in Thailand Background
* Thailand Port Fleet 's practice  thinking on Telematics

---VP, Fleet operation,  PTT Oil and Retail Business Company Limited
11:00--11:30 Coffee Break--Booth Visiting
11:30--12:00 Buyers & Sellers Meeting
12:00--13:00 Group Panel Discussion A:
*Personalizing  the future of the connected car
*Where is the industry at present and where is it advancing to

---Panelist under inviting 
13:00--14:30 Networking Lunch
  Day One Afternoon
  Sharing Mobility Fleet operation, UBI, Telematics Practice Analyze
14:30--15:00 Mobility As a Service(Maas) is the way for Thailand to tackle the traffic jam
*Mobility on Demand (MOD) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) for Thailand
*The End of Car Ownership?
*How Public accept the new ways of mobility
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Fuel Management and Fleet operation under intergrate operation system 
* Fuel monitoring help Driver performance improvement
* Fuel consumption,   Refuel & drain control . Fleet card integration
* Fleet maintenance under ERPs
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15:00--15:30 Creating sustainable mobility through electric free float car sharing
* Ride hailing app in Southeast Asia
* Car Sharing, Bicycle Sharing & Ride Sharing, Shared Mobility introduction
* E-Payment in mobility sharing

---Senior Officer,  Grab
Logistics' perspective on the acceptance on the CV and Telematics
* How to avoid accidents and evaluate driver behavior
* To reduce fuel consumption, Fuel Saving,
* Tracking your asset, how to track-down the lost vehicles

---Senior Officer, DHL Supply Chain Thailand
15:30--16:00 Cyber Security in automotive transport – Whose Responsibility?
* Defending Against Cyber Attacks, Critical Cyber Security Threats & Beyond
* Evaluation of Intrusion Detection
* Data-driven mobility: a perspective on future paradigms

---Senior Officer,  FireEye
Telematics insurance Beyond Risk Management Engagement tool of the future ,Insurance's thought
* Telematics: driving an accurate insurance model : The Usage-based Auto Insurance (UBI)
* UBI/Telematics : Opportunities and Challenges
* UBI, Driving Habits, Premium Discount, Data Analysis & Monetization, Regulatory Landscape, Connected Claim

---Senior Officer, Bangkok Insurance 
16:00--16:30 Coffee Break
16:30--17:00 Data Driven Vehicle – Finding the right collaboration to increase your data's value
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Motorcycle fleet management --How to deploy the telematics device here in ASEAN
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17:00--18:00 TBA Group Panel Discussion B :
* Fleet Data producing , the new oil
* ASEAN's Fleet manager's aspirations, how regulation, infrastructure support smart fleet
* How the logistics , supply chain can benefits from telematics

---Panelist under inviting
18:00-20:30 Drinking Party
  Day Two Morning , Nov 24, Tuesday
8:00--9:00 Registration
9:00--9:10 Committee's Opening Speech
9:10--9:20 Chairman's Speech
  ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles Fleet management Operation  
9:30--10:00 From ADAS to AV how far the way ahead in ASEAN Countries ?
*ADAS to Autonomy. Technology Transforming The Car.
*The Latest ADAS and Automated Driving Technology.
*The Development Environment of V2X Technologies and Required Evaluation Methods
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Leasing ,Rental companies view on FMS
* The small size fleet demand in Thailand
* The remote controlling, vehicle dispatch system
* Price and service , How to match the local mobility demand

---Regional  VP , Fleet Asset management, Hertz Car Rental
10:00--10:30 Full Mobility on Demand using Autonomous Vehicles towards Better Living Navigation location/Mapping technology Enhance Vehicle-Infrastructure Communications
*GIS's new solution to fleet operator
*Assimilating road’s location/ Mapping technologies to navigate in various conditions
*Integrating traffic data into cloud for real time traffic management

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    Hardware providers' perspective--M2M, IOT, Trakers
10:30--11:00  V2X Technology – Accelerating the realization of autonomous driving
* Mobile Communication and LTE-V Evolution
* The possible way for the connected cars in Asia : LTE V2X takes a stand against DSRC
* How the tele infrastructure support the Telematics and Connected Vehicles development in ASEAN
---VP, Enterprise IoT Product, AIS 
TSP's view on smart fleet management in ASEAN
* Know your fleet with telematics devices and smart employ
* Integrator's local knowledge to service your client in Thailand
* Affordable FMS

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11:00--11:30 Coffee Break ( Group Photo Taking )
11:30--12:00 EV, Infrastructure Development  
12:00--12:30 The EV roadmap in Thailand: How far have we driven?
* Thailand's electricity vehicle and  electricity-motorbike's plan
* Electric vehicle charging/Parking  systems
* Tax-free Incentive for EV purchasing

---President Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand
Driving an IoT Revolution in Fleet Management in Thailand
* How IOT contribute to Commercial vehicles market in Thailand.
* Identifies  IoT data sources, IoT solution powers
* Advanced M2M logistics applications and fleet management

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12:30--13:00 Scaling up EV adoption through flexible charging infrastructure
* Challenge ahead of the EV spreading, how the government, industry  players and public citizen cooperated together ?
*  Automotive's Southeast Asia's strategy on EV

---SVP, Nissan Motor Thailand
13:00--14:30 Networking Lunch
  Day Two Afternoon 
  Urban transportation
14:30--15:00 Modernising public transportation
* How to integrate the road transport, metro, railway, maritime , air traffic and  other mobility solution?
* Smart Roads – Wireless Sensor Networks for Smart Infrastructures
* AI, Big Date in public transportation

---Department of Land Transport Thailand 
15:00--15:30 Last mile transportation , a new mobility style
* Sharing bike , Scooter, Motor in Thailand
* Start-up's opportunity in smart mobility

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15:30--16:00 Coffee Break
16:00--16:30 Re-thinking Safety in ASEAN in the Digital Age” or “The Digital Road to Safety
16:30--17:00 Smarter Fleet and Risks Management with Telematics
17:00--18:00 Closing Remark & Big Thanks to the Partners