Telematics & Mobility ASEAN Summit 2020
Nov 23-24 Pullman Grande Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Transport Telematics Summit 2019


Rajanikanth Baratam
Experience Summary
·Experience on testing Automotive Infotainment and Clusters software in automotive vehicles for various variants. Good System level understanding on automotive Infotainment and Clusters
·Knowledge on Automotive Functional Safety standards like ISO26262 and IEC61508.
·Experience on Design, Development, Verification and Validation of Device Drivers for various projects in aerospace domain.
·Experience on Verification and Validation of Safety Critical System Software and OpenGL Software.
·Experience on Graphics Modeling Tools like IDataModeler etc.
·Experience in Design, Development, Verification and Validation of real time embedded system software pertaining to Time and Space partitioning environment as per A653 standards.
·Experience on BOOTP, AFDX, GMLAN, CAN, A653 and Arinc 429 protocols.
·Exposure to IDE’s for Debugging like Wind River Workbench, Code Composer Studio, Green hills Multi and MS VC++etc.
·Experience on writing System requirements, High level software requirements, Software design specifications, low-level requirements and low level design specifications.
·Experience on emulators like Wind River etc. Experience on compilers like GCC.
·Exposure to Mat lab, Simulink and model-based development and testing.
·Expertise on Module Testing, Software Integration Testing, Hardware Software Integration Testing, Test script reviews and Code Reviews.
·Experience on DOORS and DXL Scripting.

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