Telematics & Mobility ASEAN Summit 2020
Nov 23-24 Pullman Grande Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Transport Telematics Summit 2019


Nicholas Chng
Nicholas Chng is Head of Security and Safety at Grab, overseeing regionally the planning, execution, and enforcement of policies and standards to ensure the security of people, facilities as well as physical and informational key assets.
Nicholas is responsible for all safety-related aspects of Grab. He oversees the continual development and innovation of business processes, policies and products, and advises the management team on safety strategy and roadmap.
Prior to joining Grab, Nicholas served 15 years at the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). His last held position at SAF was Branch Head, Joint Operations Department, where he led strategic planning and operational development.
Most recently, Nicholas was a Senior Manager in Certis Cisco Aviation Security, managing a team of over 2,000 to ensure robust security operations at Changi Airport.
Nicholas holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. A problem solver at heart, with extensive experience dealing with operational and strategic issues, Nicholas applies his experience in critical thinking and problem solving to provide a safe and secure environment for Grab users, partners, and fellow Grabbers.

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